Modern Boyband BROCKHAMPTON Continues to Rise from the Ashes with "1998 TRUMAN"


In case you were still having doubts, the boys of BROCKHAMPTON make it known that they are definitely back and looking stronger than ever. The self-proclaimed "hardest working boyband in show business" have continue to stay true to their promise of music all summer releasing another single, followed by a music video, "1998 TRUMAN" on their Beats 1 music show "THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE RADIO". And surprise surprise, what do you know? It's a banger.

This is the third track we've gotten from BH less in less than 2 months after the events surrounding Ameer Vann, resulting in his dismissal from the group. This really isn't much of a surprise, considering how fast the boys tend to work. Speaking of fast, some of you might not know BROCKHAMPTON or their enigmatic story. Luckily, the new guy over here at HVNLY MEDIA is your resident Brockhamp-stan (credit if that term isn't already a thing) and can catch you up real quick!

Back in 2010, Kevin Abstract makes a post on the Kanye West fan forum Kanye Live (now KanyeToThe) and asks who wants to be in a band. Several users respond, leading to the creation of AliveSinceForever who would release their debut EP in 2013 with members Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, Ameer Vann, and Rodney Tenor. The group would then rebrand as BROCKHAMPTON, Tenor leaves, and the group adds members such as Joba, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, bearface, and many more on the production side. 2016, the group releases their mixtape "All-American Trash" for free, an LP of sorts consisting of tracks highlighting each member. Summer 2017 rolls around and the boys are ready not to just drop their debut album, but THREE FULL LENGTH ALBUMS over the span of 6 months culminating in the Saturation Trilogy.

Photo by DeVaughn Taylor (2/20/2018)

Photo by DeVaughn Taylor (2/20/2018)

Coming into 2018, “boyband” BROCKHAMPTON was one of the hottest names in music, garnering critical praise (including "the interntet's busiest music nerd" Anthony Fantano) and a dedicated fanbase. After embarking on several tours and music festivals, the boys began work on their follow-up album PUPPY slated to release back in June. This was halted by the sexual accusations by several women against Ameer Vann on Twitter at the end of May, resulting in his removal from the group. Now that we're caught up, the big question following the, to put it very lightly, momentum killer was how: was BROCKHAMPTON going to move forward? 

They cancelled the rest of their tour, took a little time to regrouped, and debuted their first post-Ameer song "TONYA" live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (their first television performance, nonetheless) for their upcoming album "The Best Years of Our Lives". A few weeks later, the boys debut "1999 WILDFIRE" on TWLITF Radio, followed by an accompanying music video. 

It's truly impressive the way the group has adapted so quickly, with many distinct changes to their usual aesthetic: a new line-up, new narrator (yes, the group has a narrator, it's a whole thing), new aspect ratio on their videos, and new sounds. The latter isn't much of a shocker, as one of the groups most appealing traits is their ability to navigate various sonic landscapes, keeping their sound fresh and their fans hungry. So far with these new tracks, "TONYA" was a departure from their norm including prominent piano and multiple guest artists. "1999 WILDFIRE" was familiar territory, dipping into late 90s/early 00s hip-hip vibes, like early Outkast mixed with a little Timbaland & Aaliyah sprinkled in at the end.

"1998 TRUMAN" continues to switch things up with our first up-tempo track, alternating between high energy rap verses and hard-hitting, emotional sung vocals. It's unclear if TONYA will be on the album, considering their isn't a studio version still and the name doesn't fit the scheme of the past 2 tracks (their track on every album follow a scheme). We also still don't have a clear release date for the album. Though it would be a stretch, is another trilogy coming? How are they going to perform old songs live without Ameer? There's a lot of questions on the minds of Brockhamp-stans (it's gonna catch on) still to be answered, but with their usual breakneck pace we shouldn't have to wait long.

One thing that is certain is that not only have BROCKHAMPTON made it out of the fire of their little Phoenix story, but are continuously brushing the ashes off their shoulders as they evolve. The videos are cleaner and more ambitious. The music is bolder, more layered and intricate in composition. It's almost like the Jimmy Fallon performance was an emotional purge, because they seem more laser-focused than ever. It's a testament to the will of these young men, something we don't see in most artists these days. 

If you were already a big fan, you know exactly why you should be excited about BROCKHAMPTON this summer. If you had your doubts on the boys comeback, the proof is in the pudding. See for yourself!