Artist Spotlight: Jake Wesley Rogers

Yes, he has three first names. And you should remember all three of them, as modern-pop crooner Jake Wesley Rogers is an artist on the rise you don’t want to miss.

Some of you may recognize the name already from America’s Got Talent back in 2012, where he first dipped his toes into the music industry on live television while still in high school. He dazzled with his eccentric fashion and the creative spins he put on iconic songs. With the look and captivating vocal prowess, Jake had the makings to be a star. Unfortunately for most, reality shows don’t always lead to success. And though he didn’t win, Jake was never discouraged learning valuable lessons from the experience.



“I was very, very young then...I learned a lot of lessons, some kind of hard, about the about the entertainment industry. And, I don’t know, I feel like I’m just now on the path that I’ve decided to be on.” - Jake Wesley Rogers


Since his run on America’s Got Talent, Jake has been fine tuning his craft through various music projects, touring, and getting his degree in songwriting. Jake is an electric performer, showing off keyboard skills as slick as his dance moves, improving with every show. Always a gifted vocalist, his songwriting has seen the most growth over the years and where he really shines. Jake displays an endearing sense of vulnerability, with an assurance of self-identity. Songs touch on subjects ranging from his religious upbringing to forlorning love and his sexuality.


“I feel really lucky to hone in on all of it. Moving to Nashville really curated my songwriting, because it’s such a songwriting town…” - Jake Wesley Rogers


Jake has recently been on tour promoting his EP ‘Evergreen’, where I caught a show in Hollywood. It was perfect shooting an intimate performance, just Jake and his keyboard. The crowd was small, but he still poured emotion into every song just as if he were playing a sold-out venue. Though I love his synth-driven, upbeat studio versions of his song, seeing them stripped back allowed his stoic lyricism to sink in.



If you get a chance to see Jake Wesley Rogers perform, I highly suggest it now while the tickets are cheap because he’s on the brink of blowing up any minute. In the meantime, check Jake’s music out on Spotify and YouTube!