Artist Profile: Lizzo

Chances are you’ve heard the name Lizzo somewhere- if not, allow me to introduce you. The
hip-hop and R&B powerhouse has blanketed the scene with her artistry as of late. Coming off of
appearances at Lollapalooza and locking down a tour with Florence and the Machine, it’s clear to
see that she’s just getting started.
Make no mistake though, she’s been around for quite a while. From the earliest stages of her
career, she has been at the heart of numerous indie hip-hop groups, assisted Prince with the
creation of his 2014 album Plectrumelectrum, and more recently has served as a guest judge on
Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Her sound ranges from bass-centric rap bops to music reminiscent of
gospel R&B, and the message is effortlessly woven into each song: love yourself inside and out.
Lizzo prides herself on being a representative of the underdog- she gladly assumes the role of
feminist and LGBTQ icon, and it’s especially apparent in most of her work.
I had the privilege of seeing her live twice this past spring when she opened for Haim on their
US leg of the Sister Sister Sister tour. The energy spilled off the stage from her all-female
entourage: backup dancers Courtney Hollinquest and Grace Holden had the entire venue
wrapped around their fingers, and DJ Sophia Eris gave everyone something to groove to. It was
refreshing to witness intersectional feminism intertwine with music in a way that makes
everyone feel seen.
My admiration for Lizzo and her platform was initially realized while standing feet away from
her in a hot, sweaty crowd in Austin, Texas; she made each person promise to go home, look in
the mirror, and express an honest love for themselves. In our frequently ugly world, Lizzo is a
magnificent reminder that love – in all forms – makes this life worthwhile.

Just as an added bonus, here’s a few songs to get you started:
En Love: Grab your hairbrush-turned-microphone and get ready to dance in front of your mirror.
This one is a love song dedicated to the coolest person you know: yourself.

Truth Hurts: A true feminist bop. Fresh out of a relationship? Listen to this one to remind
yourself that it’s their loss, honey.

Fitness: Blast this at the gym. Seriously. Add it to your workout playlist.

Good As Hell: Where are you headed? Work? The club? The grocery store? Doesn’t matter, you
look good, and this song celebrates that. Cheers.

You can find Lizzo on Instagram at @lizzobeeating and on Twitter at @lizzo.