SPORTS Release Summer Time Slow Jam "No Pressure"

Are you into sports? Nah nah nah, let me rephrase that. Do you like the band Sports? If yes, then the your summer just got a bit sexier. The indie wizards from Oklahoma dropped their third new single “No Pressure” Friday and it’s pretty steamy.

Described on the band’s Twitter as “a warm blanket”, the song lives up to this description being a very smooth, comforting track in contrast to the band’s more groove-centric releases prior. The track opens softly, with some dreamy vocals over simple synth chords for the majority of the first half. The track goes full sultry when the rest of the instrumentation comes in, slowly adding layers while keeping everything tight and atmospheric. It’s a simple song, perfect for those summer nights looking at the stars while laying atop the hood of your car.

“No Pressure” is smoldering, sexy, smokey...pretty much any adjective starting with ‘s’. Sports just announced their album for August 24th titled “Everyone’s Invited." Sports has given us plenty to dance the summer nights away to with other singles such as “Shiggy” and “Don’t Tell Me”, so put your car windows down and the turn the volume up!

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