FLETCHER releases "If You're Gonna Lie," the follow-up to smash hit "Undrunk"

Rising pop singer FLETCHER’s single “Undrunk,” released in January, quickly became the anthem for everyone who regrets calling their ex last night at 4am. The provocative lyrics definitely helped Fletch hit a home run with this single. “People have the shortest attention span, so I’m like, I have to say ‘unfuck’ within the first seven seconds or else people are gonna be like ‘next, who cares?’” said FLETCHER in an interview with Genius.

The song has been placed on Spotify’s Top Hits playlists, was noticed by Jimmy Fallon (who brought FLETCHER on for her TV debut), and have received radio plays all over the country.

The second single off of FLETCHER’s upcoming project (hopefully out sometime this year) is another deep, heart wrenching pop song with a killer hook.

The first few notes may seem mellow, but the delivery and timing of Fletch’s melodies and lyrics are what makes this song so special. The singer uses clever phrasing and homographs to tell a story of a relationship that she knows will hurt, but feels good in the moment, and you can hear the emotion dripping from every word she sings.

Check out FLETCHER’s latest single, “If You’re Gonna Lie",” here: